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Unfolding of Matodrape caesarean section set


image description


image description 1. Having opened the set put it on the instrumental table. Use the outer drape to secure the table and remaining elements. Put the elements on the table paying attention to the pictograms on the drape (they show where to place each element).
image description 2. Apply the Mayo table cover (in form of a bag with a cuff).
image description 3. Remove the release paper from the incise film in the main drape and fix it on the patient’s abdomen.
image description 4. Unfold the lower part of the drape onto the patient’s legs. Unfold the upper part fixing the drape from the patient’s head side on the anaesthesia screen by means of adhesive tapes in the corners of the drape.
image description 5. After the delivery dry the baby with the white soft nonwoven towels.
image description 6. Cover the baby with the Seni Soft underpad and put the ‘baby hat’ on the baby’s head.


Download the instruction PDF.

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