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Ubililical cord clamp - instructions for use



Improper placement of the clamp on the umbilical cord can lead to inadequate closure and, consequently, to the loss of blood that can be fatal to some children. Read the instructions before using the product.

  1. Before using, always check the locking system. Do not use the clamp if the system is incomplete or blocked.
  2. Check the thickness of the umbilical cord. In case of thin umbilical cords it may be necessary to fold it before applying the clamp to obtain a greater resistance when locking the clamp.
  3. Place the cord in the very middle of the locking terminal.
  4. Make sure that no object blocks this place (e.g. gauze swab, surgical instruments, etc.).
  5. Close the clamp until it is completely locked and clicks. Make sure that the clamp is securely closed and it cannot be opened by hand. Cut the umbilical cord preserving the applicable standards at a distance preventing slipping off of the clamp.
  6. Make sure that the end of the umbilical cord does not bleed.
  7. Regularly check for signs of bleeding due to an untight clamp or a damaged umbilical cord.
  8. The product is intended for single use only.
  9. For use only by trained medical personnel.


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