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Tromboguard® - application way


On securing the wound, prepare Tromboguard® and a secondary dressing for fixation e.g. an elastic dressing mesh or a bandage Matofix COHESIVE.

  1. Before applying the dressing put on gloves.
  2. Open the package.
  3. Grasp the opposite edges of the direct packaging (packaging of metallic foil) and pull to fully exhibit the dressing.
  1. Make sure that the dressing is applied on the wound with the right side! Tromboguard® has two layers:
  • rough active layer that should be applied in the direct contact with the bleeding surface,
  • smooth, shiny layer that should be treated as an external surface protecting the wound against external factors.
  1. The dressing should be applied onto the bleeding wound in an aseptic way. In case of smaller wounds cut the dressing to the appropriate size enabling complete covering of the wound with a 2-3 cm excess. In case of larger wounds it is allowed to apply a greater number of dressings.
  1. Pay attention to the direct and total covering of the wound with the dressing.
  1. Local pressure lasting for about 3 minutes should be applied till the control/reduction of a haemorrhage.
  1. The dressing should be fixed using an elastic dressing mesh Codofix® or a bandage (in the picture a Matofix COHESIVE bandage).


Download the instruction PDF.

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