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Sterile film-nonwoven dressing for cannula fixation Cannula F – instruction for use


Dressing for cannula fixation Cannula F composed of nonwoven material coated with transparent film enables steady fixation of the cannula. The dressing is totally waterproof and impermeable to microorganisms. The thin transparent film layer enables visual inspection of the puncture area. The film is permeable to water vapour, which stops the collection of wetness and therefore prevents skin maceration. Correctly fixed dressing can be kept on the skin for 3 days.


zakladanie-opatrunku-foliowo-wlokninowego 1. Place cannula into the vein.
zakladanie-opatrunku-foliowo-wlokninowego2 2. Remove the release paper from the adhesive film part and place the dressing on the patient’s hand. The slit between the wings should embrace the cannula’s port.
zakladanie-opatrunku-foliowo-wlokninowego3 3. Remove the protective liner from the wings and overlap them around the catheter.
zakladanie-opatrunku-foliowo-wlokninowego4 4. Remove the outer protective film pulling by the blue strip.
zakladanie-opatrunku-foliowo-wlokninowego5 5. Final effect of the appropriate application.

Download the instruction PDF.

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