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Medisorb P PLUS - application way


On securing the wound, prepare Medisorb P PLUS and a secondary dressing to secure the Medisorb P PLUS e.g. a Medisorb F, an elastic dressing mesh Codofix® or a bandage.

  1. Before applying the dressing put on gloves and wash the wound with a 0.9% saline solution and dry the surrounding skin.
  2. Open the package.
  3. Grasp the opposite edges of the direct packaging (packaging of metallic foil) and pull to fully exhibit the dressing.
  1. Ensure that the dressing is applied with the right surface onto the wound! Medisorb P PLUS has two surfaces: a porous surface which should go into direct contact with the wound and a smooth glossy surface which should be used as the outer surface protecting the wound against external factors.
  1. Put the dressing onto the wound in an aseptic way. In the case of smaller wounds the dressing can be cut to the size of the wound to fully cover it. The dressing must cover the wound surface and approximately 2-3 cm of the skin around it.
  2. The dressing should be fixed using a film dressing Medisorb F, an elastic dressing mesh Codofix® or a bandage (in the picture a Matofix COHESIVE bandage).
4pplus NOTES:

  1. Using a bandage for fixing the dressing always expand it so that the unfolded port is placed outward.
  2. The dressing should be checked daily and changed immediately if excess secretions appear under the dressing or if an inflammation occurs i.e. redness, swelling or excessive warming around the wound. The treatment may be continued after the elimination of inflammation. The dressing should be changed when the discharge reaches the edges of the dressing or begins to leak. The dressing change should occur within 1-5 days depending on the wound bottom morphology and the amount of wound exudate.
  1. If necessary, the Medisorb P PLUS dressing can be soaked with an antibiotic solution before the application.
  1. In the case of a small amount of secretion from the wound Medisorb P PLUS can dry out and adhere to the wound surface. In that case when changing the dressing injuries bleeding and pain may occur. To avoid this, before removing the dressing moisten it with a saline solution.


Download the instruction PDF.

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