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Medisorb A - application way


On securing the wound, prepare Medisorb A and a secondary dressing to cover the Medisorb A e.g. Medisorb F or Medisorb P. Choose the size of the secondary dressing that will cover the entire wound.

  1. Before applying the dressing put on gloves and wash the wound with a 0.9% saline solution and dry the surrounding skin.
  2. Select the appropriate dressing, covering the entire wound surface with an additional 2 cm margin.
  1. Put Medisorb A directly on the wound or into the wound.
  2. Then cover the wound with a secondary dressing e.g. Medisorb F which is transparent and allows the observation of the wound.
3medisorba When choosing Medisorb F:

  1. Remove the protective (white) paper from the central lower part of the dressing and holding by the paper edges apply the dressing on the skin.
  2. Remove the protective (white) papers from the edges and stick the rest of the dressing. Lightly press the edges of the dressing.
  3. Remove the top plastic cover by pulling the tab in the direction shown by the green arrows.
4medisorba NOTES:

  1. In the case of leg ulcers Medisorb A may be used in combination with compression therapy, if this is a medical recommendation.
  2. In uninfected wounds the dressing may stay for up to 7 days.
  1. In infected wounds it may be used only under medical supervision.
  2. The dressing change should occur when the surface of Medisorb A has entirely transformed into a gel. The interval between dressing changes depends entirely on the state of the wound.
  1. Medisorb can easily and painlessly removed without disturbing the wound healing process: first remove the external dressing, and then using sterile forceps remove Medisorb A from the wound, and finally clean the wound of the residual gel washing the wound with a sterile 0.9 % saline solution.


Download the instruction PDF.

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