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Matoset dialysis connection set - application way


Example of a dialysis connection set MA-991-ZEST-487.

  1. Before starting the procedure, wash your hands (the specialist and the patient).
  1. To perform the procedure, prepare a disinfectant, a tourniquet, suitable cannulas and sets the start and end the procedure.

  1. Open the packages of cannulas and the dialysis connection set and apply the tourniquet on the patient’s arm but yet without tightening.
  1. Take out the sterile drape and place it beneath the patient’s forearm.
  1. Then put one glove on the left hand, and the other one put on the sterile part of the opened packaging.
  1. Disinfect the patient’s forearm using the prepared disinfection liquid and the sterile swabs from the set.
  1. Tighten the tourniquet.
  1. Put on the right glove.
  1.  Place the cannulas into the veins.
  1. After inserting every cannula fix them with special dressings for fixing cannulas (also in the set).
  1. At the end secure cannula drains with the nonwoven adhesive tapes.
  1. Now the patient is connected to the „artificial kidney”. Dialysis takes 3-4 hours.


Download the instruction PDF.

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