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How to easily take out the dispenser



1. A special pictogram in the corner of the shipping box indicates where the cardboard is bonded, which is also the best place to tear off the side.
2. Separate the glued sides of the box in the indicated place.
3. By tearing off the front wall of the box you can grab and take out the dispenser.
4. The dispenser can be placed on a shelf in a storage place. This provides additional protection against outside dirt until the products are used in the operating theatre. The packaging with an EAN 128 bar code facilitates the logistics process, better warehouse management and easy identification of the content due to the front label.

The dispenser is multiple-use packaging with a special flap and dispensing opening. It can be opened with a handle so you can easily and quickly take out a single sterile product from the packaging.



Download the instruction PDF.

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