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Fixopore F - application way


The Fixopore F dressing has an extremely simple and intuitive application way (due to a wavy cut out). The overprinted secure paper marked with numbers informs about order of the actions.

  1. Before applying the dressing cleanse the wound and dry the surrounding skin.
  2. Open one unit packaging by pulling out the edges without tearing the paper and take out the dressing.
  1. Peel off the bottom release paper marked 1.
  1. Place the dressing on the wound.


  1. Peel off the bottom release paper marked 2.
  1. Stick the entire dressing surface to the skin pressing it to the body.
  1. Peel off the release paper marked 3 by grasping the edges at the wavy cut by pulling them sideways.
  1. Smooth out the dressing’s surface pressing the edges to the skin.


  1. The dressing change depends on the amount of wound exudate.
  2. The transparent structure of the backing material allows for constant visual inspection of the skin around the wound.
  3. Do not stretch the dressing while applying.
  4. Do not touch the absorbent pad while applying.
  1. In order to painlessly remove the dressing peel off one corner of the dressing and then stretching downwards tear the structure of the adhesive, which is easily and painlessly removed from the skin and the wound.


Download the instruction PDF.

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