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Codosil ADHESIVE - application way


Codosil AHDESIVE  is a soft silicone dressing used to reduce the size of hypertrophic scars and keloids, and improves their colour and elasticity so it becomes less visible.


  1. Take out the dressing from the packaging and adjust it to the shape of the scar with scissors. The dressing should be about 1 cm wider at the edges than the size of the scar. There is no need to immediately use up the entire dressing, e.g. if we treat a much smaller scar. It can be used piece by piece.
2. Peel off the white protective film that protects the adhesive layer of the dressing.
3. Stick the dressing onto the scar surface. Adhesive properties of the dressing allow for its repeated sticking onto the skin surface. Before every next use the dressing needs to be washed.

In order to prevent accidental removal of the dressing from moving body parts it is recommended to use an elastic dressing mesh Codofix®. The mesh is available in 8 different widths, which enables precise selection of the product to the perimeter of the dressed body part.

 NOTES: 5.
  • The dressing should stay in contact with the scar for 24 hours a day with small breaks for washing.
  • The application time should be gradually increased to accustom the scar to the dressing and to avoid possible skin irritations.
  • The doctor recommending the dressing should decide upon the gradation of the contact with  the dressing.
  • An example of a gradual application might look like that: for the first two days wear the dressing for 2 hours, for the next two days for 4 hours and increase the usage time by two hours a day until the optimal 24 hours a day therapy time is obtained.


Download the instruction PDF.

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