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Flat Tyvek®-film reels (PLASMA) BOM


Modern Tyvek®-film packaging for plasma sterilisation.

Tyvek® is a super strong material with high tear and puncture resistance, which is produced from high-density polyethylene fibres, bonded together by heat and pressure. Tyvek® does not contain any glues, binders, and other foreign materials.

High-quality materials used in the manufacture of the packaging as well as validated technological manufacturing process provide excellent „peel” effect – dust-free opening of the packages.

Chemical indicators of the sterilisation process are printed on the Tyvek® within the seal.

The product meets the requirements of EN 868-5, EN ISO 11140-1.


  • as packaging for plasma sterilisation (VH2O2)
  • upon individual order it is possible to produce Tyvek®-film packaging for sterilisation by means of radiation (R) and ethylene oxide (EO)


  • reels

Size and packing:

  • range of sizes: width from 50 mm to 500 mm and a length of 100 m packed by 1 pc

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