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Surgical gowns Matodress COMFORT HP PLUS


Surgical gowns made of polyester-cellulose nonwoven with additional barrier laminate layers in the critical parts (front and forearms). The cotton-like material ensures high work comfort due to the increased breathability and softness, while the laminate provides safety during long and invasive procedures. Every gown is loose, wide, and enables to precisely cover the surgeon’s trunk. The sleeves do not restrict movement and have a seamless dust-free polyester cuff which precisely embraces the wrist. Two sets of ties enable first „dirty” and then „clean” tying. Special cardboard with affixed external ties allows for aseptic application of the gown, and the book-folding enables quick and self-application by the surgeon.

A huge advantage of the COMFORT HP PLUS surgical gown is that the applied nonwoven is resistant to alcohol containing agents. Another plus is the length of the gown which ensures safety and comfort during an operation carried out in a sitting position.


  • for long operations with a big amount of fluids


  • sterile (sterilised with ethylene oxide)
  • sterile with nonwoven hand towels and additional wrap in crepe paper
  • colour: blue

Size and packing:

  • sizes: M, L, XL, XXL
  • sterile: packed in a paper-film pouch by 1 pc

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