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Surgical drapes and covers Medidrape


Surgical drapes and covers Medidrape provide high comfort and ensure complete safety for both the patient and the medical staff. Special three-layer fabric used in the critical area of the drape gives full barrier to fluids and microorganisms. In the less critical areas the drapes and covers are made of lightweight polyester fabric with a dense weave that provides breathability and barrier to microbial penetration when dry. The antistatic finish on the entire surface of the drapes guarantees safe use in the operating theatre, where devices monitoring vital functions and signs are used. Modular drapes and covers allow you to compose any operating set, depending on individual needs and type of medical procedures.


  • for draping the operating field during surgical procedures; the product complies with EN 13795
  • as covering for the patient, medical personnel and medical equipment during surgical procedures; the product complies with EN 13795


  • non sterile
  • colour: green, blue

Size and packing:

  • instrument table cover: 240 cm x 180 cm, 220 cm x 150 cm, 90 cm x 90 cm, 180 cm x 140 cm
  • Mayo table cover: 160 cm x 75 cm
  • leg covers: 75 cm x 33 cm, 100 cm x 45 cm
  • drapes: 370 cm x 228 cm (with opening 22 cm x 23 cm), 240 cm x 220 cm (with „U” cut-out 80 cm x 15 cm), 300 cm x 240 cm (with opening 20 cm x 20 cm), 100 cm x 150 cm (with „U” cut-out 50 cm x 8,5 cm), 220 cm x 220 cm (with traingular opening and slit)
  • packed by 1 pc

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