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Rib bone prosthesis Codubix® RIBS


Prosthesis for extensive defects in the chest wall are knitted of polyester and polypropylene yarn. High endurance, low specific weight, zero hydrophilic fluid absorbance, non-toxicity, chemical inactivity, high degree of healing in make that the prosthesis can be identified with the natural bone as for the physical properties. They can be easily modelled during implantation and can be diagnosed without any artefacts.


  • to fill fragments of the chest wall after the treatment of primary and metastatic tumours encompassing that structure and infiltrating with non-microcellular lung tumours


  • non sterile (steam sterilisation is recommended)

Size and packing:

  • 250 mm x 20 mm and 250 mm x 200 mm
  • packed in a PE bag and then in a box by 1 pc

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