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Procedure sets Matoset


Safety and comfort for minor surgical procedures.

  • composition of materials of gauze, nonwoven, plastic and other items used to the perform a given medical procedure
  • the set allows to develop a standard proceeding, and thus minimise the risk of error
  • set adjusted to individual customer needs
  • components targeted at the given procedure reduce the number of unused sterile material
  • using one complete set reduces the time to prepare for the surgery and facilitates the performance of surgical procedures
  • one package eliminates the cost of the packaging of individual components
  • one package eliminates the need to open multiple single in-between packaging, and thus does not increases the risk of infecting a sterile product
  • rigid blister packaging
  • TAG label


  • for use during outpatient and surgical procedures


  • dressing set
  • dressing change set
  • OP-field disinfection set
  • suture removal set
  • suture set
  • catheter set (also available version with disinfection agent Octenilin)
  • lumbar puncture set
  • central line insertion set
  • drip infusion set
  • dialysis set – connection + disconnection (also available version with lubricant with antistatic agent or with compression plasters)
  • skin staple removal set
  • IV cannula set

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