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OP-sets Matodrape


OP-sets consist of drapes that allow to drape the patient in order to delimit the OP-field during a surgical procedure, ensuring the safety for the patient and the medical staff, and of various additional elements that facilitate the performance of the operation.

Simple design of the drapes makes it possible to drape the patient a quick and effective way. To facilitate the draping the drapes are marked with pictograms, indicating the opening direction.

Additional elements include: Mayo table covers, liquid pouches, medical fixing tapes, cable and equipment covers.
The OP-drapes are made of the highest quality raw materials that meet the requirements of EN 13795, thus ensuring safety while using.


  • universal  (unfolding / information card)
  • universal paediatric sets
  • laparotomy sets
  • sets for abdominal laparoscopy
  • varix sets
  • sets for paediatric plastic surgery
  • strumectomy sets
  • gynaecology sets
  • cystoscopy sets
  • delivery sets (unfolding / information card)
  • caesarean section sets (unfolding / information card)
  • baby sets
  • thoracotomy sets
  • heart valve implantation sets
  • cardiovascular sets
  • angiography sets
  • craniotomy sets
  • upper limb surgery sets
  • hip surgery sets
  • knee arthroscopy sets (unfolding)
  • shoulder sets
  • sets for hand / foot surgery
  • urology sets (PCNL)
  • urology sets (TUR)
  • prostate electroresection sets
  • ophthalmology sets

Size and packing:

  • sterile (sterilised with ethylene oxide): packed in a paper-film pouch by 1 pc

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