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Multifilament hernia mesh Dallop® PP


Non-resorbable surgical hernia mesh is produced from polypropylene multifilament yarn. Characteristic features include: high mechanical endurance, good fixing and multidirectional shape memory, no edge fraying and endurance to suture plucking during close-to-edge suturing. They do not invoke inflammatory reactions, do not promote sensitisation activity, and are not cytotoxic, allowing quick connective tissue in-growth, and shortening the healing-in time


Recommended in reconstruction of the soft tissue defects in the following cases:

  • primary and recurrent abdominal hernias
  • large ring postoperative hernias
  • inguinal hernias


  • TDM – soft hernia meshes of texturised yarn, applied for classical tension free procedures, such as Lichtenstein’s operation
  • sterile (sterilised with ethylene oxide)

Size and packing:

  • from 50 mm x 60 mm to 300 mm x 300 mm
  • packaged in a double film- paper pouch and then in a cardboard envelope by 1 pc

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