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Lymphoedema dressing sets Limfoset


Comprehensive compression therapy is extremely important for the treatment of lymphoedema, taking into account the efficacy and easiness of application.
One of its elements is the use of compression bandages.
The sets for the treatment of lymphoedema include elements needed to create a compression dressing on the upper and lower extremity.

The set includes the following components in varying amounts and sizes depending on the type of the set:

  • Tubula COTTON – cotton tubular bandage – to protect the skin
  • Matolast – elastic support bandage – for bandaging the toes or fingers
  • Matosoft SYNTHETIC – cushioning padding – to protect the skin
  • Matopress – cotton compression bandage – for giving compression
  • Plastosilk – silk adhesive tape – for fixing the compression dressing


  • primary lymphoedema, both innate and appearing later
  • secondary lymphoedema: after surgery, during which there was a damage or removal of lymph nodes or lymphatic vessels; caused by inflammation, trauma, radiation; after venous system diseases, or after surgeries on surface and deep veins; after taking veins for by-pass surgery; in rheumatic diseases


  • non sterile

Size and packing:

  • upper limb lymphoedema set
  • upper limb lymphoedema set – short version
  • lower limb lymphoedema set
  • lower limb lymphoedema set – short version

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