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Ligament and tendon prosthesis Dallos®


Prostheses of ligament and tendon Dallos® are knitted of polyester yarn in form of bands with lateral edges rolled inside. They are thermally stabilised which results in stable shape structure i.e. resistant to tensile forces expressed with low elasticity and high mechanical strength. Pattern characteristics limits fraying in cut places. The optimal construction allows for firm fixation and good joint stabilisation. Does not invoke inflammatory reactions and easily heals in tissues in short time. Allows tissue anastomosis being susceptible to bending. Facilitates the introduction of early and intensive rehabilitation.


  • in reconstruction of ruptured ligaments, e.g. coracoclavicular and acromioclavicular as well as crucial and collateral ligaments of the knee
  • low mobility tenoplasty


  • sterile (sterilised by radiation)

Size and packing:

  • width from 1 mm to 5 mm and 900 mm length
  • packed in a double blister and then in a box by 1 pc

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