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Haemostatic dressings Tromboguard®


Stop bleeding in 3 minutes!

  • Tromboguard® is haemostatic i.e. bleeding stemming dressing
  • the haemostatic activity of the dressing is immediate and occurs within 3 minutes after application of the dressing to the wound – it was confirmed in clinical studies
  • the dressing consists of 3 layers, each of which fulfils a different function:
    • the active layer of the dressing is a unique on the market combination of active ingredients (chitosan, alginates and silver), which are responsible for stopping the bleeding
    • the inner layer is a polyurethane foam that collects the blood
    • the outer layer is a polyurethane membrane which prevents blood leakage outside the dressing and isolates the wound
  • the dressing can remain on the wound for 24 hours
  • more about the dressing in the information leaflet


The dressing is used to stop bleeding in the following wound types:

  • traumatic
  • postoperative
  • skin graft donor sites in surgery and reconstructive surgery including combustiology
  • requiring first aid
  • gunshot
  • resulting from traffic accidents

Ideal for first aid kits, emergency medical services, and use on the battlefield.


  • sterile

Size and packing:

  • sterile 5 cm x 5 cm, 10 cm x 10 cm, packed by 5 pcs
  • other sizes available on request

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