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Gussetted paper-film pouches and reels (STEAM, EO, FORM) BOM


A range of paper-film packaging with gusset for sterilisation. The gusset enables packing of bigger, more spacious objects.

High-quality materials used in the manufacture of the packaging as well as validated technological manufacturing process provide excellent „peel” effect – dust-free opening of the packages. This minimises the risk of contamination by cellulose particles, which can be emitted while opening paper packaging.

Chemical indicators of the sterilisation process are printed on the paper within the seal.

The product meets the requirements of EN 868-3, EN 868-5, EN ISO 11607-2 and EN ISO 11140-1.


  • as packaging for sterilisation by steam (STEAM), ethylene oxide (EO) and formaldehyde (FORM)


  • pouches
  • reels

Size and packing:

  • pouches: range of sizes from 75 mm x 250 mm x 30 mm to 420 mm x 600 mm x 90 mm packed by 100 pcs
  • reels: range of sizes, length of 66 m and 100 m packed by 1 pc

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