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Fast-setting P.o.P. bandage and splint Pregips S


Fast setting P.o.P. bandage is indispensable wherever immediate immobilisation is necessary.

  • specially selected composition of gypsum applied on the carrier of the highest quality gauze allows for the application of a strong and durable dressing
  • specially designed perforated core allows for even and quick soaking through
  • universal in application – optimum setting time makes this type of casting bandage most popular in casting rooms
  • also available in form of a 4-ply plaster splint designed to construct orthopaedic shells and splints or to reinforce a traditional plaster cast
  • parameters: soaking time about 5 seconds, setting time about 5 minutes, moulding time about 3-3.5 minutes
  • high and early strength allows for weight bearing in 20 minutes


  • for basic immobilisation of typical fractures
  • for correction of deformations


  • bandages
  • splints

Size and packing:

  • white P.o.P. bandages

2-metre and the width of 6 cm

3-metre and the width of 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm, 14 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm

4-metre and the width of 15 cm, 20 cm

packed by 2 pcs

  • splints (4-ply P.o.P. bandages)

20-metre and the width of 10 cm, 15 cm

packed by 1 pc

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