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Elastic dressing meshes Codofix®


Used to fix dressings on the body in lieu of a traditional bandage, especially on body parts difficult to dress, such as the pelvis or groin.
They are in form of a sleeve, making it easy to apply – there is no need to know the bandaging techniques to put on the mesh.
8 different sizes – every size of the circuit is adjusted to a specific body parts.
If chosen appropriately the elastic structure will make the mesh fit perfectly.
Quick to apply, which is especially important when changing dressings in children.
Ideal for home use – keep in mind that inappropriately applied bandages can disturb circulation – a single-layer construction and 8 sizes to choose from minimise that risk.


  • to support dressings on wounds
  • to fix dressings on difficult-to-dress areas, such as fingers, abdomen, chest or head
  • in paediatric surgery


  • non sterile

Size and packing:

  • 1 finger
  • 2 hand, finger
  • 3 hand, foot
  • 4 lower leg, knee, arm, foot, elbow
  • 6 head, arm, lower leg, knee
  • 8 thigh, head, hips
  • 10 hips, abdomen
  • 14 chest, abdomen, hips
  • available lengths: 1 m and 10 m
  • packed by 1 pc

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