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Elastic compression bandages Matopress


Compression bandage with low elasticity and reinforced ends and non-shredding edges.
The elasticity of the product is achieved through the use of tightly twisted cotton fibres.
The bandage is skin-friendly, ointment resistant, absorbent, breathable and can be sterilised.
Reusable – can be washed and boiled.


  • as a specialised bandage to obtain firm pressure
  • after sclerotherapy and in all stages of venous diseases, including the treatment of venous stasis oedema, leg ulcers, etc.
  • antithrombotic prevention
  • in lymphoedema treatment


  • non sterile

Size and packing:

  • non sterile: 6 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm and a length of 5 m – length measured in a stretched condition

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