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Drapes of Blue Comfort laminate Matodrape


Blue Comfort is a three-layer laminate characterised by:

  • high tensile and bursting strength
  • efficient barrier to liquids
  • complete protection against microbial penetration
  • high and quick absorption
  • antistatic properties
  • lack of cytotoxicity – - no risk of patient’s skin irritation
  • draped structure, which adjusts to the patient’s body
  • an additional nonwoven layer from the patient’s side, which prevents against hypothermia

The Blue Comfort laminate meets the requirements of EN 13795.


  • for draping the patient to delimit the OP-field, ensuring the safety for the patient and the medical staff


  • sterile (sterilised with ethylene oxide) or non sterile

Size and packing:

  • wide range of sizes
  • sterile: packed in a paper-film pouch by 1 pc
  • non sterile: packed in a plastic bag by 10 pcs

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