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Cellulose swabs Matocell PAD

  • is a non-invasive medical device that may come into contact with injured skin to be used as a mechanical barrier and to absorb exudate
  • cellulose swabs 4 cm x 5 cm are made of 10 layers of 100% cellulose
  • the edge of each swab is specially finished so that they form a handy pad
  • the pads are connected and placed on a roll, the perforation enables to separate a single piece


  • to disinfect skin before injections, infusions and small surgical procedures
  • as an absorbent material for minor injuries
  • for use in beauty salons, e.g. to remove nail polish


  • non sterile, version by 250 pieces ordered is one row and wound on a roll
  • non sterile, version by 500 pieces ordered is two row and wound on a roll

Size and packing:

  • non sterile packed in a plastic bag by 2 rolls by 500 pieces each or in a dispenser box – 1 roll by 250 pcs

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