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Applicators are reusable surgical instruments used in the surgical treatment of urinary incontinence in women. Made of stainless martensitic steel meet the requirements of standards concerning surgical tools.


  • as accessories used in surgical treatment of stress incontinence in women taking into account the division into methods applied – each tool is used to create a tunnel in patient’s body in order to properly implant the urological tape


  • TVT applicator is an accessory used in TVT method (Tension-free Vaginal Tape)
  • TOT applicator is an accessory in TOT method (Trans Obturator Tape)
  • a set of applicators for TOT consists of two applicators which are mirror images. It is used in TOT method (Trans Obturator Tape)
  • non sterile (steam sterilisation is recommended)


  • TOT and TVT applicators packed by 1 pc
  • set of TOT applicators packed by 2 pcs

More information on: www.dallop-nm.com

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