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The treatment of pressure ulcers is difficult, lengthy, and requires systematic cooperation of the patient with the doctor.
The number of Poles affected by various types of burns is as high as 400 000 patients per year.
A moist wound heals twice as fast and in a more structured way.
Visible effects of the treatment with specialist dressings occurred after 9 days from their application.
Computer modelling allows to prepare a prosthesis perfectly matched to the shape of the patient's head.
Such large bone defects can be filled only an individual prosthesis. Standard prosthesis are too small.
Chronic wounds occur in up to half a million people in our country.
The wound healing process starts immediately after its creation.
Diabetes is one of the main direct and indirect perpetrators of disability.
Modern approach to chronic wounds prefers treatment with the application of intelligent dressings.
Diabetics can live a normal life if they obey some fundamental principles.
Complications in the form of diabetic foot occur in approximately 20% of patients hospitalised for diabetes.
Leg ulcers occur in 0.3% of people in the age group 41-50 years, and in 7% in the age group 61-70 years.
I cannot imagine working without the procedure sets. Earlier preparation for an operation was very time-consuming.
Sterile sets provide all the necessary materials, so that in a few minutes you can perform a minor surgery.
The work in the treatment room is fraught with high risk of infection.
Large operative sets help us reduce the time needed to prepare our operating theatres for procedures.
Our fears quickly disappeared when we started working with sets. We all felt the improvement in working conditions.
There has been a noticeable trend: in the past, they were used only by medical professionals in hospitals, but now they are making their way to pharmacies.
The application of ready-for-use sets facilitates work, ensures safety and reduces hospital costs.