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Medical procedure – the removal of sutures

Working in the treatment room is fraught with high risk of infection, which can be caused in various ways. One of them may be bacterial contamination of instruments, equipment and surfaces used in the course of the procedure. The danger in particular way may relate to the equipment which penetrates into sterile body space. To prevent the spread of infections, it should be ensured that the used instruments are sterile. This requirement applies to all instruments used in the procedures connected with tissue discontinuity, or requiring contact with the mucous membranes or damaged skin, e.g. dressing change or removal or application of sutures. In a situation where re-usable instruments are applied, we are forced to make costly sterilisation process to prepare them for reuse.

Another type of problem is secure collection of infected waste generated during the procedure. Due to epidemiological reasons we are forced to keep them in specially designated containers in accordance with accepted for this type of material rules. In particular sharp instruments should be disposed of with great caution.

A great help in simple procedures is the use of ready-made sets dedicated to perform a specific medical procedure. The set content and their form enables to easily conduct the procedure at any time preserving all security regimes relating to both the procedure itself and the safe storage of contaminated material generated during the procedure.

The advantage of the sets is the safe way to store all the needed materials and their readiness to be used at any time.

The photos present an example of a suture removal procedure with the application of a special dedicated set.

Disposable metal instruments are hazardous waste with sharp ends and edges which are to be collected in durable containers, resistant to moisture and chemicals, with the possibility of single closure.


nożyczki metalowepęseta metalowarękawice zabiegowe lateksowe 2 szttupfery 6 szt. w pionie



Photo 1. Opening the set


Photo 2. Preparing for the procedure


Photo 3. The main part – removing the sutures


Photo 4. Finishing the procedure