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Matoset – our idea of comfort

Nosocomial infections are a major problem in modern medicine, because many times they are mean a failure in the treatment and the emergence of complications. The most common problems associated with infections is the lack of aseptic behaviour in the where a medical procedure is performed, a delay in the diagnosis of infection or improper treatment. For the hospital, it is connected with the fact that all these aspects – prevention, diagnosis and treatment – must be done properly.

More and more hospitals decide to obtain an ISO certificate, which leads to the development of procedures for all phases of patient treatment, the observance of which will reduce the number of infections. Moreover, the awareness of the medical staff of this problem is increasing year by year.

The problem of nosocomial infections is also a challenge for manufacturers of medical devices used in the performance of specific procedures in health care units.

The answer to the security needs of the treatment are Matoset products that combine functionality and economy by intentional combining of dressing material. In other words, the individual Matoset is dedicated to a given medical procedure, and particular elements are arranged in a way forcing to perform activities in a particular sequence in accordance with asepsis principles. The structured arrangement and thoughtful composition guarantees security, convenience and time saving.


Monika Cerkaska – TZMO Product Manager

Katarzyna Moś – Master in Nursing with a specialisation in epidemiological nursing

M.C. In which situations the use of sterile Matoset sets worked best?

K. M. In our daily practice we use Matoset products mainly in treatment rooms, when we have to perform minor medical procedures, such as suture removal or dressing change. Using the sterile sets I am sure that I have all the necessary materials prepared and within a few moments I am able to perform a minor procedure. The ready-for-use sets are indispensable at the patient’s bedside when transporting the patient and performing a procedure in the treatment room is not possible.

M.C. And what about situations when you need to change the dressing at patient’s home?

K. M. Exactly. The health visitor will surely appreciate the comfort of using the sets. It is always certain that all necessary materials are prepared, and each patient has a sense of individual treatment and safety guarantee since the set is designed specifically for him.

M.C. So it much easier to work with the set?

K. M. Yes, it’s easier because they improve the course of a medical procedures, but also thanks to them the work is a lot safer. The arrangement of particular elements determines the actions to be performed. We cannot omit any items e.g. gloves, which are usually placed at the top, and only after their application it is possible to use other sterile components. This minimises the risk of infection, and this is important both for us and for the patient. The documentation process is facilitated by adhesive labels with information about the product, which can be placed in the patient’s records.

M.C. So can we conclude that the sets guarantee the asepsis regardless of the place of performing the procedure?

K. M. Yes, we can. The patient is not always in a place where it is possible to e.g. securely change a dressing. Matoset enables us to do so, and also reduce the time to prepare for the procedure and facilitate the organisation of the work.

M.C. At the end I have to ask – what about the costs?

K. M. The application of complete sets dedicated for a given procedure eliminates the need to open multiple unit packaging, which directly translates into the cost of the procedure. When you open a few packs it increases the possibility of infection of the sterile material. Besides, using the sets – all the content is deliberately used. The rational use of dressing material certainly reduces the cost of its purchase. In addition, medical staff does not have to devote time to complete the dressings for the procedure. In conclusion, I would like to add a few words about the catheter sets and sets for the disinfection of the surgical field, which will surely work well in emergency rooms, although, of course, not only. In situations where time counts, we are not always able to fully observe aseptic rules, the lack of which – as you know – can lead to complications and the cause of prolonged hospitalisation. A patient who is in a life-threatening situation requires undertaking multiple procedures at the same time. The risk of infection while saving lives is greater than during the planned procedures. Therefore, the use of Matoset in the form of ready-for-use sets, such as the catheter set helps to observe the asepsis. A set that contains all the necessary components including an adequate size catheter, allows for the reduction of unnecessary actions to a minimum. The same is true also in the case of the set for disinfecting surgical field, which is justified and fully used up when performing medical procedures in life-threatening conditions. During a resuscitation it is often necessary to apply an endovascular electrode or perform a subclavian vein puncture. Having the complete disinfection set we can take care of the proper preparation of the patient for such procedures in a short time. It is important to save a patient without putting him at any additional risk that after a successful resuscitation may lead to an unwanted contamination. We save the patient and instead „give” him an infection and extended hospital stay. The state of emergency passes, and the patient will require treatment for complications resulting from non-compliance with the basic aseptic principles, the observance of which is certainly facilitated by the Matoset.

M.C. Thank you very much for your time.