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Case study – burn treatment with Medisorb

Treatment of burn grade II A/B

date of accident: 12/09/2012

end of treatment: 11/10/2012

  1. The patient from random causes did not  seek for help immediately after the accident. This is what the wound looked like 3 days after the accident – 15/09/2012 – size of the wound 65mmx50mm.

  1. 4 days after the accident the patient went to the doctor (16/09/2012), who applied a antibiotic ointment, and bandaged the wound with a Matovis viscose bandage. The dressing was worn for 12 hours. Over the next eight days the wound was left without any protection.
  2. The look of the wound after 12 days from the accident – 24/09/2012.


  1. 13 days after the accident having consulted a specialist treatment using Medisorb specialist dressings was initiated. On 25/09/2012 in the evening 1 tube of Medisorb G was applied on the wound and secured with a Medisorb F secondary dressing. The dressing was left on the wound for 48 hours. The necrosis was hydrated, and the patient began to feel tingling in the wound.
  2. 15 days after the accident – on 27/09/2012 the dressing was removed, and a Medisorb P was applied on the wound. The edges were covered with an Medisorb F additional dressing, so that the patient could freely take a shower.

  1.  After 7 days from the application – 04/10/2012 – the Medisorb P dressing was removed. The look of the wound.

  1.  04/10/2012 – the patient applied again Medisorb P on the wound for the next 7 days. Note: In this case even a Medisorb F would have been sufficient.

  1. 11/10/2012 – removing of the Medisorb P dressing.

  1.  11/10/2012 a Medisorb F dressing was applied on the wound to protect the delicate tissue against friction. The dressing was removed after 7 days and no other dressing was used.

  1.  17/12/2012 – the look of the place where the wound was located.


The burn wound degree IIa / b – the size of the wound 65mmx50mm. For the first 12 days after the accident it was secured just with a bandage, and once an antibiotic ointment was applied. For the next 12 days there was no effect of the treatment. The wound was covered with necrosis.

The treatment with dressings started 13 days after the accident. At first a Medisorb G hydrogel and a Medisorb F film dressing were used. The Medisorb G dressing was to dissolve the necrotic scab and initiate the wound healing process. Medisorb F was only a dressing for the hydrogel. Next the wound with hydrated necrotic tissue was secured with a Medisorb P absorbent dressing that was to absorb the dissolved necrotic tissue. After 7 days of application Medisorb P the wound was already in the epithelisation stage. Finally a Medisorb F was applied just to protect the delicate tissues.

The entire treatment with specialist dressings took 23 days – but the major breakthrough in the wound healing was evident already after 9 days.

For the treatment the following specialist dressings were used:

The cost of the applied dressings is about 40 PLN.

Visible effects of the treatment with specialist dressings occurred after 9 days from their application. After 3 months from the accident there were no signs of the wound. The patient has already forgotten about the accident.