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Step by step

The film cover for medical device cablesenables to preserve the sterility of the OP- field.
Silicone dressings used to reduce the size of hypertrophic scars and keloids so it becomes less visible.
Appropriately cut and adjusted dressing mesh allows to fix dressings on hard-to-reach body parts.
This film dressing perfectly adjusts to every body shape while its transparent structure allows for observation of the skin around the wound.
The dispenser packaging system guarantees safety during transport and storage until the product is used.
The longeta or "half-cast" is indispensable in cases where you can not apply a full plaste castr.
Dialysis is a way to assist kidneys in the body cleansing process using a special apparatus called an "artificial kidney".
Dialysis takes 3-4 hours. Proper protection of the injection sites after disconnecting the equipment is very important.
The calcium alginate dressing is designed to secure deep and surface wounds with heavy and moderate exudate and maintains a moist environment.
Film dressing – so-called "second skin" – provides perfect protection for body places at risk of abrasions and exposed to moisture.
The hydrogel dressing by creating and maintaining a moist environment in the wound helps to clean it and remove necrotic tissue.
The hydrocolloid dressing is to provide absorption for moderately to low exuding wounds up to 7 days.
The self-adhesive foam dressing provides perfect absorption for heavily and moderately exuding wounds and protects against mechanical injury.
The foam dressing is able to absorb 16 times more than its own weight - it is ideal for highly exuding wounds.
Water temperature and moulding time significantly affect the quality of the cast.
Transparent backing material of the dressing allows for visual inspection of the insertion site.
The Tromboguard® dressing has clinically documented haemostatic properties in a very short time.
Improper placement of the clamp on the umbilical cord can have serious consequences. Read the instruction before use.
The special bag for collecting liquids in the main drape allows for safe discharge of fluids during a surgery.
The cap and flannel blanket allow to protect the newborn from hypothermia.